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Carer Training

Our carer training for the implementation of behaviour support plans is designed to empower carers and enhance their confidence in supporting individuals with challenging behaviours. We understand the unique challenges carers face and are committed to providing ongoing support and resources to ensure their success.

Our carer training program focuses on the following key areas:

Behaviour support plans (BSPs) are meticulously crafted strategies aimed at mitigating and managing challenging behaviours demonstrated by individuals with disabilities. These plans are tailored to the unique needs of each individual, focusing on understanding the root causes of challenging behaviours and employing effective interventions. Carers, encompassing family members and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support workers, assume a pivotal role in executing BSPs as they engage with individuals on a daily basis. Their deep involvement allows them to provide crucial feedback on the effectiveness of interventions and to make real-time adjustments to the plan as needed. It is imperative that carers receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation of BSPs, fostering a supportive environment that promotes the overall well-being and development of individuals with disabilities.

Understanding challenging behaviours:

We provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of challenging behaviours, including their causes, triggers, and underlying factors. Through this training, carers will develop a clear understanding of the impact these behaviours can have on individuals and those around them.

BSP development and implementation:

Our training program emphasises the importance of person-centered approaches in creating behaviour support plans. Carers will learn how to collaborate with individuals, their families, and support teams to develop individualised plans that address specific behaviours and promote positive outcomes. They will gain practical skills in implementing BSPs, including data collection, behaviour tracking, and progress monitoring.

Positive behaviour support strategies:

Carers will be trained in utilising positive behaviour support strategies that focus on reinforcing positive behaviours and reducing the occurrence of challenging behaviours. Our program equips carers with effective techniques such as behaviour redirection, modelling, positive reinforcement, and environmental modifications to create a supportive and nurturing environment.

Communication and collaboration:

Effective communication and collaboration are essential components of a successful behaviour support plan. We provide training on how to communicate with individuals, their families, and other professionals involved in their care. Carers will learn strategies to effectively communicate goals, progress, and concerns, fostering collaboration and ensuring a cohesive approach to behaviour management.

Self-care and wellbeing:

Taking care of oneself is crucial when supporting individuals with challenging behaviours. Our training program emphasises the importance of self-care and provides carers with strategies to manage stress, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and seek support when needed. We believe that caring for oneself is central to providing the best possible support to individuals with disabilities.